A loss…

My dearest cousin passed away on Monday, 19 Jan 2015 after battling with lymphoma cancer for less than 1.5 years. At this point that I’m writing, I’m still coping with her loss, a sudden passing that we didn’t expect. And today is what could have been her 32nd birthday. Life is unpredictable, one moment we could all be feeling fine and happy..And the next moment, we could be crippled with an illness. I would want to write a lengthy post about her but my heart is still aching. As cousins, she was my first friend. All my childhood memories are full of growing up with her. Her voice and her laughter still ring in my head. Her face and smile is still vivid in memory like she’s still here. Reading back my last convo with her during New Year brought tears to my eyes again. I don’t know when I will recover from this broken feeling but you will always be in my prayers. And especially today, I missed u even more :'(



Usher in 2015.

This blog has been long forgotten. I told myself to blog a closing post for 2014 but the countdown on TV got the better of me thanks to Big Bang! heee…

2014 was a busy year indeed especially the first 6 months. Helping out with 3 weddings (Bestie’s, Min’s and Sister’s) from Jan till June. After the end of my Sis’s wedding in June, I literally want to pass out but I had to hang out as I had back to back presentations to prepare for system rollout in end July. Working late to get everything in place was worth it to see my baby project launch! And alas, I thought I can rest but nope, I pressed on to finish prepping for another launch! Thanks for the team support, I just charged ahead. Amidst this, a surprising early announcement of SS6 Seoul tour date in Sep brought much delight. Finally, a much needed break is coming! It’s been 2 years since I visited Korea so this was definitely a much awaited trip. Of course, the concert was a bonus point. So glad to meet up with my friends, ate good food and shopped till we drop! A whopping packed 11 days, literally just play and play and play and didn’t sleep much. Lol!

I guess I got recharged from the trip! Kept myself busy and 2 months later, I got on the plane to the land of Middle Earth. This trip is wayyyy different. It was another kind of adventure, the “healing” kind of trip. It’s such a beautiful place with jaw dropping scenery, the kind that you wish you can enjoy everyday. There are so many places to explore and I would love to head back there again! Maybe I should consider migrating there! haha… And yes, to wrap up the trip, I challenged myself to bungy jump! Well, we planned for skydive but due to cloudy weather, it was cancelled *pouts*. The jump was really an out-of-body experience. For that split second when I stood at the edge, I really wanted to back out. But I just pushed myself to do it. My legs just went jelly after that!

And here’s the video!

The adrenalin rush from the trip probably put me in high spirits after that. A few days after I came back, I completed my 4th and final bridesmaid duty for another good friend. And yes, I decided that I’m not going to do anymore. I’ve had my fair share of wearing pretty dresses and I’m getting jaded at weddings. So, I’ll shall save a lil bit of excitement for my own *hopefully*

In the last 2 weeks of 2014, I slowed down and spent more time with the family at home – cooking, baking, watching movies and catching up on sleep too :) Definitely one thing I want to do more in 2015 is to cook and bake on weekends. Really find it therapeutic to try out new dishes. And yes, I want to spend more time with my family in 2015.

2014 also marked the next decade in my life. I thought about a lot of things that I’ve accomplished and things that I want to achieve in the next decade. Work on my shortcomings and further better myself. I shall try to plan for the best and trust Him to guide me through…

2015, let’s bring it on…!

Riding on a roller coaster~

Life’s been a roller coaster since the beginning of the year. Challenging indeed. Having to cope with added responsibilities at work, Korean classes and bridesmaid’s duties for 3 weddings (Apr, May & June), I seriously thought I was going to pass out hahaha. Thank God for giving me strength to pull it through *phew*

July came. It’s 2nd day of Hari Raya today. Ramadan came and left in a blink of an eye. Felt like I didn’t do enough for this year’s Ramadan *sighs* I promise to put in more effort next year Insya-allah. The celebration is different this year as my sis is away celebrating at her in-laws and we briefly met at nenek’s house. Had my fair share of good food, keep in mind to control all the intake. Keke  >.<

On a happy note, Leader Teuk is back :’) 21 months of waiting is over! When I saw this picture taken today, i just went *오빠 오랜만에!!* which means Oppa, it’s been a long time. Darn, I missed his smile! They are preparing for comeback with 7th album in Aug and I’m just excited for it!

teukoppaDefinitely looking forward to SS6 in Sep! I’m so glad that SM actually announced the Seoul tour date early this time. Bought our air tixs as soon as we were notified haha \(^^)/

And yes, YG Family is coming to SG on my birthday weekend! *mad happy fan* luckily it’s on the week before SS6. heh. I’m looking forward to Sep already~~Whee!


The Loneliness Generation

Catherine Bennett

The first thing my mother asked me was, ‘Won’t you be lonely?’ I’d just rung her to tell her that I had finally got the green light from a landlord about a studio in Paris I wanted. Filled with jubilation – finally! a place of my own! – her question stopped me short. The idea of loneliness had never actually occurred to me. I’ve never lived alone before, but I’m an independent person and I like my solitude. I craved privacy, alone-ness, but not loneliness. How can you be lonely, in a city as thrumming and alive as Paris?

But increasingly, urban loneliness is on the rise. According to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), today more than half of the world’s population is living in an urban centre. By 2030, this number will have increased to 6 out of every 10 people living in either a town or…

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Hello 2014!

Wow! WordPress revamped their website and I love the clean, flat design :) It’s been a long time since my last post and I wonder if people still blog or even read my blog these days. In any case, it’s a brand new year and I thought it’d be nice to blog an “opening” for the year.

2013 has been a frutiful and wonderful year~ I got back to school to study design (i’ve always wanted to study design for the longest time ever) and I travelled quite a bit during the last quarter. I tracked back to my December 2012 post and guess what? I didn’t make any resolutions or at least I didn’t spell it out. I remember reading somewhere that it helps not to tell anyone of your dreams because by telling others, it gives you a “fake joyous feeling” that you’ve already achieved it. So here we go, 2014…I won’t say what I want to achieve this year *actually, still thinking what I want to do this year hahahaha*

From Europe to KL to Phuket to Hong Kong to wrap up 2013, it’s been a good travelling year. Still no concrete plans for 2014 though. Whatever it is, I will not run of places to travel to. 2014 will be another busy “bridesmaids-duty” year with 3 weddings back to back from April to June. I was just joking with another friend that perhaps I need to wear 27 dresses before I get married :p It really hits me that I’m growing older by the number of weddings I attend and the number of baby photos I see on Facebook ^^

This year will mark the next decade of my life. Scary yet exciting perhaps? It’s like you are forced to snap out of your childhood and start growing up for real and behave like a grown up! Scary indeed :p We can only plan our lives to a certain extent but God makes the best planner so I’ll just try my best and leave it to Him :)

My parents renovated some parts of our house in Dec and I decided to revamp my room as well. I got a built in wardrobe (lots of space! i like!) and a new bed. Still pending a new desk and shelves though. I threw out a lot of things and found some knick-knacks from yesteryears. It kinda felt good to reorganise all your stuffs. I noticed that I have quite an extensive collection of Kpop collectibles over the years and am still contemplating to sell them off :( I’m running of space to store them to be honest. I might be able to earn some money if I sell them off but I’m still holding them for memory keepsakes.

On a side note, I’ve been thinking of making a move to a new place. Still undecided when and where. Perhaps to a place where I can exercise some creativity freedom. Let’s see where this will lead me too….

Dear 2014, let’s work together to be a good year! Insyaallah :)

a whirlwind.

Well, hello again…it’s been a while since I blogged. The last entry was in May about Yesung’s enlistment. Time sure flies and yes, it’s the end of September *wake me up when September ends* is sure apt here haha. It’s been a busy 1st half of the year, juggling work with design and Korean classes. I’m finally done with Design classes and grades are not that bad! :) I’m proud that I actually fulfilled my dreams of studying in a design school though it’s a short one. I learnt a lot and felt more confident using those software which I’ve never had the chance to be good at. With the various projects, I learnt more than just producing good design. New friendships formed and practical skills to survive in the design industry (if I decide to venture next time) are lesson takeaways from the 6 month course. And thankfully, I’ve just been given the oppurtunity to do a cafe re-branding for a friend and also embarking on another personal design project :)


Korean classes started in March at the advanced level and boy, it’s tough! I was struggling to memorise all the vocabs and idioms. I decided to join the bridging advanced classes instead from December onwards. I hope I’ll be able to manage Advanced better next time. Recently,  I made some new Korean friends online and it’s been really helpful to practise Korean with them. They are good at English but for the sake of me, we decided to email each other in Korean. hahaha ^^ I can’t wait to visit them next year!

June was spent resting on weekends since school ended *i was really exhausted* and then came July. Well, I kicked off July with Super Show 5! Of course, I was utterly disappointed when the Singapore leg of the concert tour was 1 night only instead of the usual 2. I was looking forward to it since I didn’t attend the Seoul concert. There were too much emotions running throughout the concert. Without leader, heechullie and yesung, I cheered louder to give the rest of the boys more energy :p And while I sat in the middle of the blue ocean, I realised how much I missed the experience :( And to my delight, SS5 in KL will be on 23 Nov. So….I’m going with the usual bunch ^^ *Hoorayyyyyyy!!!* I love fangirl trips!


Hari Raya this year came with a lot of questions from the relatives. And yes, no other than the “So when are you getting married?” It doesn’t help when my sister is getting married next year! They probed me endlessly asking if I have a boyfriend etc…. To which I wish I can say “Ah, yes I do have boyfriend. In fact, 11 of them. They are in Korea by the way *snorts* ” I wish I can buy a boyfriend off the shelves right now. I don’t know if I’m finding one for the sake of shutting up other people or do I really want one now? If I’m happy being single, why can’t others feel the same for me too? I probably haven’t find someone who I’m willing to swim oceans, cross the fire or throw my freedom away for. Maybe that one day will come. I’m just taking it as God is reserving someone special for me and He knows best. That’s it.

Well, enough of that. August came and boy am I such a happy fan! My favourite 희철 오빠 is finally out of army! 2 years of waiting is finally over! *inserts some fangirl screams here* hahahaha.. And to my surprise, his first official activity was Cosmo Magazine photoshoot right here in Singapore, 1 week after his discharge. I was literally over the moon when I found out about it! Of course, I couldn’t sit still when I found out about his schedule details *thanks to insider info hehe* I was disappointed when I couldn’t see him at the airport. But I was so determined to see him that me and my friend waited outside his hotel on a Saturday morning *sacrificed sleep*. After lunch at the hotel, the security guard told us “Eh, your idol just walked out!” And just in time, we saw a group of girls running after him. We ran quickly to catch up with him. And just like we guessed, he went to Universal Studios. So the bunch of us went in as well. Luckily I bought the Express pass, I took the same Mummy ride with him! I sat behind him and was the only fan on that ride (of course, there were other public people). His manager was so adamant that my friend couldn’t sit on the same row as them *she was on the same row queue* Seriously, this experience was beyond my imagination to be that close to your favourite member! We followed him around and eventually left him and continued to play on our own. I had dinner in the hotel and saw him again. I didn’t send him off to the airport the next day because I was contented and really happy to see him on that Saturday. 7 Sep 2013, I will remember this date. I certainly had my cake and ate it :) Fandom life is so different when he’s now back in the group ♥


Well, September was starting to be awesome (thanks to 희철) ! And to top it off, it is my birthday month! I had a quiet birthday dinner with the bestie and fiance :) *Happy 75th Birthday nenek! Wished u’re still around :’) * Received a gorgeous trench coat from my band girls which they bought for me to wear for my Europe trip! *thank u babes, really loved it* ♥ The day after my birthday (13 Sep 2013), I went to Kibum’s fanmeeting. During my handshake session, I told him in Korean that it was my birthday yesterday and he wished me “Happy Birthday!” I was ecstatic inside! I missed him being in SuJu to be honest :’) It’s definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience to receive birthday wishes from your idol. LOL!


To wrap up September, we went to catch Big Bang at this year’s F1! It was certainly worth going, 1.5 hours of mini-concert !! Energy was just electrifying and it’s been a while since I saw them ^^ Three weeks of back-to-back K-related events. I can’t rem when was the last time I had such an adrenalin rush like this. I hardly follow on kpop anymore except for SJ and 2NE1 >.< talk about slowing down….

Well, it’s been a whirlwind….Work-wise, I don’t like talking about it…other than the good news that I just got promoted to Senior Analyst position. October is just 1 day away and I’m finally flying off to my 1st trip for the year to Europe! I hope I can get some inspiration and to recharge my batteries~

November will be much awaited too! SS5 in KL with my fangirls and to Phuket with my Uni babes :)) and then, Shikah’s wedding in December too! Another 3 packed weekends back-to-back!

Let’s keep running! 같이 가자! 화이팅 ~~~!! *^^*


4th D-day

130605: He left quietly just like he said…



No media pictures…a lil disappointed tbh…but we all expected it :'(

우리 셀카 왕자님~ 다치지말고 건강히 잘다녀오세요! 모든 잘되길바래요~ ^^ 항상 기다릴게요…사랑해요 ♥

I’m missing his voice already…..


level up~

싱가포르는 마레이 반도의 작은 섬 도시 국가이다. 싱가포르의 크기는 710km2 이고 인구는 530만 명이 넘는다. 상니라 우타마 왕자가 도착해서 사자를 봤다. 그 사자를 본 후에 이섬은 “싱가푸라”로 이름이 알려졌다. 13세기부터 19세기까지 싱가포르는 제일 중요한 한구이다. 1818년에 이나라는 영국의 부촉독 스 스탐펃 라플스 다스렸다. 제2차 세계 대전 후에 싱기포르 정부가 수립 되어 지금에 이르고 있다.
싱가포르는 작은 섬이기때문에 산을 볼 수 없지만 싱가포르 강이 흐르고 푸른 나무들은 많이 있어서 자연 느낌을 볼 수 있다. 싱가포르는 4계절이 없다. 1년에 항상 따뜻히고 햋빛이 비치는 날씨가 있다.
싱가포르의 대중 교통편을 세계 최고로 인정받고 있다. 어디 가던지 갖가지 대중 교통도 가까운 거리에 있다. 다민족 사회고 현대의 모습을 같이 볼 수 있어서 싱가포르의 특징이다. 다양한 민족의 나라이라서 재미있고 맛있는 음식을 먹을 수 있다. 그래서 싱가포르 사람들은 자주 외식을 한다.
센토사는 싱가포르에서 유명한 섬으로 싱가포르의 남쪽에 위치하고 있다. 경치가 아름다워서 싱가포르의 제일 관광지로 손꼽힌다. 유니버셜 스튜디오에서 여러 가지 재미있는 놀이기구를 탈 수 있고 공연도 볼 수 있다. 여기에서 하루 종일 즐거운 시간을 보낼 수 있다. 혹시 쇼핑을 좋아하면 오체드 로드에서 세계적으로 유명한 브랜드의 상점들을 볼 수 있어서 현대적인 느낌을 준다. 마라이언은 싱가포르의 상징 이고 이 상은 사자의 머리와 물고기의 몸이라서 모든 관광객들이 반드시 뵈야 하는 것으로 여겨진다.
싱가포르의 상징을 마라이언상이라서 작은 마라이넌 동상을 기념폼으로 사면 좋다고 생각한다.

한국어 고급레벨의 시험을 잘 보니까 6월에 “masters”레벨을 시작할게~! 모두 반 친구들 수고했어! 담 레벨 더 열심히 공부해야지 ㅋㅋ 화이팅! ^^